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Theme: Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Discover, Develop and Get to market Quality and Cost Effective Biologics in China
Most companies developing therapeutic antibodies are targeting cancer, and companies in China are no exception. It is noted about half of the CAR-Ts in clinical trials are sourced in China. Other than the medications above, the bispecific antibody and ADCs are other rising stars in the red-hot monoclonal antibody field.

In the face of more talent returning from overseas, China’s biologics research and development is maturing rapidly. Meanwhile, a host of supportive policies from CFDA is further driving China’s domestic mAb development forward. However, the path ahead is not all rosy; Chinese productions will certainly face a range of new challenges in the future. It is estimated China is about five years behind the global competition in development of antibodies for PD-1, PD-L1, and other targets, as well as for development of CAR-Ts for CD19, the most popular cancer cell targets.
With the view to accelerating China’s biopharma innovation to benefit patients with high quality and affordable mAb therapeutics, industry leaders and visionaries will convene again at the Third Annual Biologics Innovation and Frontier Technology China Summit (BIFT 2019) in Shanghai, China on June 14-15, 2019 to share innovative biologics discovery programs, advancements in cutting-edge technology, and best practices and experiences in process development & CMC strategy, bio-manufacturing & quality control, protein aggregation & stability, analytical characterization of biologics etc. Read more...

Snapshot of PMIO 2019

  • Recent Trends and Development for Antibody Therapeutics in China
  • Market Outlook and Update on Biosmilars Pipelines
  • Investors Perception of the Advanced Therapeutics (cell and gene therapy) Market Opportunities in China
  • Innovative Platform for Bispecific Antibody Discovery and Engineering
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates Development and Production
  • Advancement in Cell Line Development and Clone Selection Technologies
  • Quality Control, cGMP Manufacturing and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Innovative Bio-manufacturing Technologies (including Continuous Processing, Single-use Systems and QbD/PAT)
  • Biologics Formulation, Aggregation and Stability Studies
  • Integrated Technology Solutions to Support Therapeutic Protein Characterization

Event Features

  • 500+ delegates from over 10 countries and regions
  • 100+ attending organizations
  • 40+ eminent biopharma, biotech and biomanufacturing speakers
  • 70% on average attendees from primary and end user market (biopharma, biotech, CMO, CRO, research
  • 60% above company decision making and director level
  • 1 main conference and 4 focused streams
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